Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil in episode 3 .jpg

Tasmanian Devil or Taz is a playable character in Looney Tunes Dash! and the main protagonist of the Tasmanian Devil levels. In these levels, he is chased by the Tasmanian She-Devil, who is madly in love with him. Luckily, he manages to escape his wedding. Taz is able to trap She-Devil in a box and drives her off somewhere. Taz is also seen in the other levels either wreaking havoc or riding a unicycle.


  • His main collectables are turkey legs.
  • His special ability is Taz Twister. When using this, he does his trademark tornado spin, breaking obstacles in his way and sucking collectables towards him.
  • In the Taz levels, he is played by Jim Cummings. However in other levels, he's played by Jeff Bergman.
  • In the Bugs Bunny , Daffy Duck and Tweety ┬álevels, Tasmanian Devil is potrayed as an antagonist until 136. he was defeated by Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird crashing him off his pushbike.
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